Wines of character
in the heart of Beaujolais vineyard

Jérémy THIEN, Winemaker in Jullié F-69840

The Gamay
in Majesty

Our family estate, located on the heights, in the north of the Beaujolais vineyard, produces Juliénas Cru and Beaujolais-Villages, from old Gamay vines. The soils are mainly composed of ancient volcanic rocks and the traditional so-called "semi-carbonic" vinification offers subtle aromatic palettes between berries, spices, tobacco or even cocoa.

Each bunch of grapes
is picked by hand

To preserve the fruit taste, all the harvest is handmade and we fill the tanks with the entire bunches of grapes. The maceration duration depends on the wine profile we search for : more or less structured, extraction of light or heavy tannins.